Closing The Gap
Equity Investment for 360° Content

is an investment training and equity investor pitching session for film, TV, transmedia, and games producers, writers, and directors as well as producers seeking company investment. The program is
 offered by creative industries financing consultancy peacefulfish (Berlin/London/Brussels/Cannes/Athens), the pan-European investor network Media Deals (Paris/Berlin), and international tutors and investors.


Launched in 2010 and now in its 7th edition, the program has worked with over 125 international participants and has collaborated with co-financing and co-hosting partners including the MEDIA Programme of the European Commission, the Apulia Film Commission, the Mallorca Film Commission, the Western Norway Film Commission, and the Investitionsbank Berlin.


Of the projects that have taken part in Closing The Gap to date, more than 25% have received investment or commitments of investment related to their participation in the program.


About half of the participants selected for each edition of the program are at an early stage and about half are at a late stage. We have had participants whose projects are in the treatment phase as well as those whose projects are already in post-production. Several of the equity investors on our pitch panel invest in production and post-production, some are able to invest in development, and some invest in companies.  



The program
is focused on:

understanding the investment criteria and deal terms of different types of equity investors (individual business angels, business angel funds, venture capital financiers, gap equity funds, post-production equity investors, etc.)

developing strategies for pitching to these investors

building added-value in project presentations through addressing long-term company strategies

What Producers
Take Away ...

a set of templates that will assist them in researching and generating business plan content designed specifically for an equity investor audience

a detailed pitch presentation for their project based on this business plan content

an expanded network of industry contacts including 5 to 7 international equity investors

***** NEXT APPLICATION DEADLINE: 27 May 2015 *****

1st Session:

Individual Skype Consultations
early July 2015 to mid-August 2015

2nd Session:
Financing Strategies Workshop & Equity Investor Pitching Event  
31 August 2015 through 3 September 2015 in Berlin, Germany at the Investitionsbank Berlin



For more details, and to download the application, go here